publix dinnnnnaaaaaz 🍴

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Hi my name is park and I’m in love with a dude who lives in California and has a dumb girlfriend but he loves me back but not enough and he’s making my life that much more hard and stressful I’m OVER IT

(I always say that and in like 10 minutes I’m probably going to message him telling him that I LOCE HIM TO DEAGTH”)

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I’m so depressed and lonely all the time I don’t even know what to do anymore I’m homeless and stupid and it fuckon. Sucks I want do t puked.

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#tbt on mondaZe of @steveaoki killin’ it at #ultra… Ahhh the memories! 💕😩

What a fucking nerd —Me talking about someone I love (via cowprince)

Winslow is ruining my life I hate loving somebody so much.

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I could be in the world mood, upset freaking out crying and I’ll get a random message from Winslow telling me he loves me and it’s over. I love that kid to deafffff.

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Fajita burritos så braaaa!!! 😁

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Wow I was apart of this wow memories :((((