I think it’s hilarious when Amp tries to laugh off how shitty of a place they are. Like, I have so much love for them just because I’ve spent nearly all of my weekends for the past 3 years and a shit ton of money there. But they’re such greedy, horrible people. The fact that they have to talk to one of their longest going customers the way they do blows my mind. All I did was suggest that they quit with the fucking stage diving. It’s a night club, not a fucking rock show. Do you wanna pay for my $500 hospital bill I have after I had to go to the emergency room because one of your stupid fucking employees thought it would be rad to jump in the crowd and land on me the wrong way?

Even though I’ve probably spent 3 times that alone in the past year at your facility, I doubt it.

What am I even talking about, I need to sleep. I hate the world right now.

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I wanna go to universal tomorrow but I don’t have much money and I don’t get paid until next Friday AND I sprained my knee again last Friday and I feel like that’ll be horrible to walk around all day on… Plus sleep.

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giraffeniemann text ME cos I lost your number when I lost my phone :c

813 312 7029

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Corinne just ruined a huge thing for me in SOA and wow NEVER WATCHING ANYTHING LATE AGAIN.

(I watched all of Dexter without any spoilers… AND LOST… THEY’VE BEEN OUT AND OVER WITH FOREVER)

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I’m having one of those “I feel like I’m going nowhere, feel like I have nobody” days, and it’s ruining me. I’m just going to play Sims and try to not be as sad. Somebody text me please :((((

Caught myself in love wid bae… Kinda extremely.

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life’s about to get wild 💖〰💖

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omg that girl really is into me lhahahahah i feel so awkward but she knows i’m straight tho fuck das awkward.

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codfishjoe: good morning babette how are the waves this morning. surf is up


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